About Us

We empower you to focus and put you in control on what you do best to grow your business and engaging our customers. We believe that business is about customer satisfaction. Therefore, it can only fostered with a commitment to be an extensions of choice and which drive's business growth & profitability and we believe even more strongly that our growth is dependent on your growth and success.

eExtensions is leading developers of magneto extension in India with extensive and dynamic team. Every individual in our team plays an important role in making the final product or imparting the desired services with the comprehensive portfolio of best in class solutions for the ecommerce businesses.


To provide the best e-commerce extension and excel at fulfilling the needs of our clients by providing the unmatched service excellence and powerful products to convert their online web stores to high yield generator.


To reinforce "eExtensions"global leadership position as the strongest magento development partner is leveraging the talent and passion of our expert and dynamic team.

What we do:

If you are in the ecommerce business, or plan to venture into one , you will face multiple challenges such as configuring store layout, inventory, managing user experience, sales, after sales support, payment solutions and many more. eExtensions provides the simple and yet powerful extension solutions to ensure that your ecommerce business will be pushed to success.

Magento is the world's rapidly growing open-source platform for e-commerce. We focus on developing the useful featured extension and attractive themes that empowers the business and maximize the potential of their websites.

  • Featured and functionality is developed according to the latest requirements of the ecommerce websites.
  • Improved sales and customer satisfaction
  • World Class Products and Services