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Extension helping to keep the record of the previous purchased history. This serves the same motive by suggesting the customers to look for other comparable or helpful products.

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Special Price $30.00 Regular Price $50.00
Special Price $30.00 Regular Price $50.00
Special Price $30.00 Regular Price $50.00

The extension keeps record of all previously made purchases by the users and when a user purchases any product, it looks into the database and search if any other user has purchased other products along with the currently selected product. If yes, it suggests those products to the customer.

When a customer land on the shopping cart, he intended to take everything of his use. More particularly, if there are some add-ons helpful in improving the usability of current purchased product. This is done more conveniently if it provides with the option of other similar or comparable products. This technique works hassle for both customer as well as website owner in increasing the sales. For the frequent shopper online it will provide fast track shopping technique to save the time in searching the product.


  • Increase customer’s trust and engagement in the site
  • Inspire the customers to make bigger purchases
  • Increase the sales of shopping cart by selling additional products
  • Helps customers to prepare a list of required products

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